Water Damage Restoration in Houston

All the causes and solutions for water damage restoration 

Water damage may be stressful and even hazardous to everyone’s health; in such cases, you’ll need a water damage restoration company that specializes in water damage and can serve you in recovering through the crisis. Contact our GEI Water Damage Restoration team if a hurricane, storm, or water line break has caused water damage to your home, business, store, or apartment complex.

We are a plumbing service firm with expertise and experience in fixing various troubles in water damage restoration. When you call us 24 hours a day in Houston, our professional crew will respond quickly to any water damage emergency. We clean, dry, and sterilize the damaged area after draining all water and waste. Then we begin the process of restoring it to its well before state.

What are the causes of water damage?

It can be tempting to ignore or try to fix water damage on your own when you discover it on your property. Electrical fires, extensive drywall damage, and a complete breakdown of your home’s structure can all emerge in untreated water damage.

Please do call us even though you are not sure if you are in our service area. Furthermore, water damage poses several significant health concerns. A variety of factors can cause excessive water on your property. It’s essential to understand the major causes of water damage, varying from leaking pipes to malfunctioning appliances. When catastrophe strikes, though, you can significantly reduce these problems by calling us GEI Water Damage Restoration experts.

The following are five of the most frequent causes of water damage in the home:

1. Natural Disasters

Mother Nature is highly unexpected; this is why so many ignorant people call water damage restoration services. Water damage caused by flash flooding, storms, and other extreme disasters typically needs a fast reaction.

2. Sewer Problems

It isn’t exactly helpful to contemplate. However, tree roots clogging your drains are a common source of sewer system blockages; it happens after a severe thunderstorm or natural disaster.

3. Broken Pipes

For a variety of causes, pipes can break and cause your water main to burst.

It could be due to the cold temperatures, or it could be caused to old, rusted pipes.

4. Soaked Appliances

The certain appliances required to make our lives simpler may often lead to massive water damage in the home, demanding the use of professional water damage services.

5. Humidity

Excessive humidity retained in your property sometimes can cause disaster. This is especially true in the factor of severe moisture, which, if untreated, can produce musty smells or even mold growth. 

Dehumidification treatments can be handled immediately by professional water damage services.

The complete and comprehensive solution

Water damage services will repair a lot, and because of our professional services team in GEI, we can also rebuild your entire property after mitigating the damage. We clean up any debris, evaluate what should be repaired, relocate belongings, tarp your windows and doors, and then initiate the large-scale restoration process. Here are the solutions that we can offer:  

  • Identifying the amount of the water damage and conducting a safety check
  • Gather any assets or valuables that can be recovered.
  • Pumping water stands over the flooring after flooding to reduce the underfloor drying time and to prevent fungus.

Water damage repair might be a challenging task, but luckily, our experienced and licensed plumbers are ready to reduce your expenses and inconvenience as much as possible. With some professional help, your life will immediately return to normal.

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